Start the process: It is fast and easy. 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Facts

  • Tell us what you need and who you are.
  • Send us product specifications a (3 D and 2D etc.).
  • Requirements related to your business, logistics etc.

Step 2: Analysis

  • We will review the design and information you have sent.

 Step 3: Feedback

  • We will contact you about questions and/or suggestions.

Step 4: Business Proposal and Prototype

  • Assuming we have received all relevant information, we will send a complete business proposal, including prototypes, project plan and time line for start of production.

 Step 5:

  • Tool making and Manufacturing Depending on how many meetings and prototypes that are needed before we have a frozen product design, count on 6 -15 weeks for the making of tools and fixtures to the first full scale manufacturing. This can vary depending on your requirements.