Capabilities include design to finished product

Design analysis

Our experienced engineers will do a thorough design review of your specifications (2 D drawings and 3 D models) with the objective of making sure the product has been optimized to functionality and cost.


We have the ability to develop prototypes via 3D printing or machined from solid blocks to support you in your product development stage.


We will build the necessary tools and fixtures for volume production.


Manufacturing can take place in any of our production sites in Sweden, Poland or China. Our production capabilities are:

Die casting We specialize in aluminum die-casting. We have 280, 560, 630, 700 and 800 ton die casting machines.
Machining/CNC operations We have a range of different CNC machines and high speed milling machines.
Chemical surface treatment We have chemical surface treatment certified by the telecom industry.

Powder coating We have powder-coating lines and can paint products in a variety of epoxy colors.
Assembly We can assemble all products we make with components from your other manufacturers according to your sourcing strategy so fewer suppliers are needed in your supply chain.
Logistics We can act as a distributor of the products we make. We can for example make things in China and then warehouse in our distribution center in Sweden or Poland for shipments within Europe.