We are a global Master Die Caster with great knowledge of die-casting and die-casting related processes in aluminum. We are known for our creativity, our ability to deliver quality components at a competitive market price, our timely deliveries and a very fast process from design to manufacturing.


We want to understand your business and products so that our engineers and management can help you maximize our resources to fit your specific needs. We value our quality and always offer competitive prices. All of our customers are unique and we are able to deliver components, do sub-assemblies as well as assemble finished products. We aim to serve our customers in the best possible way. We strive to add value to our customers in all of our affairs and are always willing to discuss new possibilities. Our creative professionals will make sure you receive accurate and timely advice and will attentively monitor the project as it goes through each of our processes. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in what we deliver!

Manufacturing/distribution sites

We sell on a worldwide basis from a common sales platform and collaborate with our customers to find the most optimal production and distribution sites from our three different locations (Sweden, Poland, China).

MDC_Sweden_blue_robot_arm Sweden, Hultsfred is our headquarters and where all global support is given in terms of marketing, sales, product and process development, quality and engineering. We also do all of our European die casting and our specialty machining work from here.
MDC_Poland_Customer_Service Poland, Koszalin is our main production and distribution site in Europe. We do all process steps here except for die casting which is done in Sweden and then shipped to Poland. In the fall of 2014 we will start Die Casting in Poland as well.
MDC_China_assembly_workers China, Shenzhen is our main production and distribution site in Asia. We do all process steps here except for surface treatment and powder coating which are outsourced.


Our customers can be found in the following industries; Telecom, Lighting, Furniture, Consumer products, Surveillance systems, Automotive, Medical, Industrial Control Systems, Climate Control and Environmental (recycling).